Minggu, 18 September 2016

Lirik Lagu The Avalanches - Saturday Night Inside Out

"Saturday Night Inside Out"

We inaugurate the evening
Just drumming up a little weirdness
It gets late so early now
The waves come in in mountain phases

I'd see fire where it's not supposed to be

I first saw her in a mega store
The day-glow raven born into a free fall

The fulfillment of a 10th grade prophecy
A motel masterpiece

Blind to the branching possibilities
Teardrops were standing in my eyes
Like deer before they bolt

I adored the way she modified my mornings
When I'd wake up in the calm shoals of her bed
Somersaults or smoke in a universe of sleep
Before she slipped into her heritage and disappeared
And she taught me to relight, relight and relight again

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